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Beautiful Summer Travel Destinations in Canada

Summer vacation is coming soon, and if you don’t know how you’ll spend it, try checking out some popular Canadian travel destinations! Canada stretches far and wide, offering a new experience wherever you go. Tofino It takes a little bit of effort to get to Tofino because you’ll not only


Coquitlam College: Certificate vs Diploma

Coquitlam College is the school for students who need to finish up a few courses before they can move on to higher post-secondary institutions. They prepare their students for transfer, letting the students choose between their 2-year diploma and the 1-year certificate. Overview of Coquitlam College For over 40 years,


U of T International Academy Online Learning

It’s good to get a head start on your university career, especially if you want to go to school abroad. Good grades are one thing, but University of Toronto, also known as U of T, emphasizes another feature that their students must have, which is global awareness and citizenship. U


Journalism at Langara

For those who love to tell stories and connect with other people, journalism is the ideal program for you. Many schools offer journalism, but no one does it the way Langara does.  Overview of Langara Langara is one of the major colleges in British Columbia. They are located in Vancouver,

Continuing Education at UVic

Continuing Education at UVic

A language barrier should never be something that prohibits people from receiving higher education. The University of Victoria has come up with a solution to help international students reach their goals by providing English pathways to university. The University of Victoria A university placed in the heart of British Columbia

June 15, 2020 - Various scenes around campus (photo by Daria Perevezentsev)

International Summer Academy at UofT

The University of Toronto works hard to provide its international students academic support, includes special courses at the International Summer Academy. 

Art & Design Foundations at VFS

Art & Design Foundations at VFS

Start a new creative chapter in your education or career by starting with Vancouver Film School’s diploma program in Art and Design Foundations.  Intro to VFS Vancouver Film School (VFS) is an internationally renowned school of art. Many of their alumni and graduates go on to work on big-name projects,


Intro to Vancouver Film School – VFS Vancouver

Vancouver is home to Hollywood North because it’s a popular place for shows and movies to film. It’s also home to one of the most renowned film schools in the world. Why VFS  If you’ve always been interested in the magic of movie-making, then there’s no better choice than attending

a crowd of students / ILAC University Pathways

University Pathways at ILAC

For some, school English standards can be daunting, but with ILAC, you’ll be prepared to take on the IELTS and pass with flying colors. 

person walking on a path with school building on their left / pathways at WLIC

University Pathways at WLIC

Sometimes, there are obstacles in your way to get to the school of your dreams. Thankfully, universities and colleges recognise this and want to help students transition to their target university. One of these schools is the WLIC.

a statue of lady justice holding a scale / legal studies fanshawe college

Legal Studies with Fanshawe College

If you’ve always had a passion for law and justice while also wanting to explore the world, Fanshawe College has a pathway for you. They will equip you with the knowledge and skills to be effective in the legal courts of Canada.

a row of easels along a hallway / fine arts at uvic

High Salary Careers with Fine Arts

In the modern era, the title of “artist” now has a different meaning. While you can still paint and draw for a living, artists have also applied their talents in a more applicable way.

a family eating a meal at a table in a brightly lit room / family studies langara

Leading to Many Career Choices: Family Studies

Schools across Canada offer unique programs to them, even programs that people don’t normally consider. Even if they are unusual, they provide education for jobs that are just as essential. Check out Langara’s Family Studies Program.

an electronic engineering spread, a book open on a table with electronic boards and wires

A Unique Engineering Path at KPU

You don’t have to be a programmer to work with modern tech At KPU, you can take on their Mechatronics program and learn electronics, physics, and engineering.

a high school classroom in a vancouver mini school

Vancouver’s Mini School for Advanced Students

The Vancouver School Board (VSB) offers something that no other school district in British Columbia offers and that is their Mini School Programs. From art to sports to math, there’s a mini school for every student.

a nurse showing off her badge hanging from her pocket / nursing at langara

Nursing at Langara

One of the greatest needs of the job market in this era is for people to become nurses. They are essential in hospitals and if they weren’t around, hospitals wouldn’t run smoothly at all. Nursing is a rewarding career that allows you to connect with people and help those in need.

a picture of lafarge lake surrounded by fall trees

SD43: Opening Doors for International Students

The members of SD43 reflect its safe and affluent community; they are colourful, and capable of accomplishing anything. It is considered a wonderful school district that any child could learn in. 


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