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International Students Scholarship

The Best Scholarships for International Students at University Canada West

University Canada West offers entrance awards, scholarships and grants to new students applying to an undergraduate or graduate program. If students are eligible for any of those awards or grants, they will receive only one of them. Awards will be applied to the tuition fee on a prorated basis throughout

sait campus

SAIT Fall (September) 2021 Programs And Application Deadlines

Technology is who we are — it’s what we do. Officially known as the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), we’re a community of thinkers, creators and champions leading change and reimagining the workforce of tomorrow. Fall 2021 Deadlines Status Oct. 7, 2020 Applications open Aug. 1, 2021 Final transcript


How to Become a Digital Marketing Specialist?

In today’s businesses, marketing is a core operation all over the world. Any type of business requires marketing to create awareness in the people and promote their products or services. In traditional days, marketing was focused on offline events, offline promotions, etc. But, in today’s world, as things are moving

Is Plagiarism a Crime in Canada?

admitting that they plagiarized using the internet. Plagiarism on the internet is usually done by either copying from papers that are bought or by copying and pasting work written by others. 

Happy International Women's Day

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day invigorates equality between women and men. Women get stronger rights, and they partake in economic and political spheres. It is held every year with a different theme. For this year, 2021, the theme for the campaign is #ChooseToChallenge. It’s a call-to-action to choose to challenge and call

Basics of Mind Mapping

Basics of Mind Map Tools

We all lead busy lives, and our daily schedules are hectic. You may have an assignment due tomorrow, another exam this weekend, or your boss may ask you to work an extra shift this week. Everything is a priority; it is important to keep an active mind when you have

Engineering Career Opportunities in Canada

Engineering Career Opportunities in Canada

Engineering jobs are always in demand in Canada. There are many types of engineering opportunities across Canada. Civil engineers handle construction projects designing and building infrastructures. Environmental engineers address the environmental challenges faced by the industry. Interior design engineers enhance the interior of a building for better space utilization in

COVID -19 Vaccine Update: Canada

With widespread Covid-19, people should continue to invest in a precautionary measure by the public health department, a collective effort until the vaccines are rolled out. Dr. Theresa Tam’s, chief public health officer of Canada, statement assures the vaccinations will be available soon in the first quarter. The covid count


University Canada West – COVID-19 Readiness Plan

University Canada West is one of the several institutions to receive approval from the Canada Government to welcome new international students. The Government of Canada has recently announced changes to international students’ travel restrictions to Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic. The amendments say students who enrolled in Designated Learning Institutes

5 Useful Apps to improve your English

Word Hippo Word hippo is a useful app for students, especially in writing academic papers and other assignments. Using Word Hippo application, you can find similar words, opposite words, definitions, translations, sentence examples and rhymes. Cool! Isn’t it? This app is also popular for word game lovers as it helps


Learn About Public Transportation in Canada

Canada has public transportation in all cities and major towns in many ways of travel. Bus Train Subway Light-rail trains  Streetcars (trams) It is advisable to research your options if you plan to use public transportation before you decide where to live. Every city in Canada has its own way

What is Black Friday in Canada?

About Black Friday Black Friday is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November every year and is followed by Thanksgiving Day in the United States of America. Canada celebrates on the same day as the US. Since 1952, this day has been considered the beginning of the Christmas shopping season

Get To Know About Canada!

Learn about provinces in Canada before you plan your education in any of these provinces. Canada calls its states as ‘provinces,’ and it has 13 provinces.  Alberta Alberta is in western Canada and it is famous for its beautiful mountains, forests, open spaces, sunshine, fresh air. In Alberta, you find


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