Major Industries in a Major Canadian City – Toronto!

Toronto is in fact the second-largest financial sector in North America and the largest in Canada. It plays host to over 600 financial service companies and this is only continuing to grow. The city provides a number of financial services from investment banking, to accounting, and stock market trading. In

The Thriving Industries in Vancouver!

Vancouver is one of Canada’s major cities, building up the national GDP through numerous industries. However, Vancouver does have a few industries it is well known for in Canada and even around the world. The city is the site of film production, natural resource management, specialty fashion and many emerging social

The University Career Centre – Gateway to Your Career Dreams!

You’ve likely walked by your university’s career centre at some point during your studies in Canada. Why not walk in? Career centres provide a number of services in varying formats that can help international students achieve their career goals after graduation. These include helping them find volunteer or paid work,

Amazing Careers for Gender and Women’s Studies Majors!

Students with an interest in the role of gender in society and how it interacts with other forms of difference including Indigenous and racialized identities, class, sexuality, ability, age will definitely be interested in Gender and Women’s Studies majors. Well often the stereotype here is that there aren’t many careers

TESL – The Program You Need to Teach ESL Everywhere

TESL (also known as TESOL, TEFL)  is a popular program offered for students who are interested in teaching English as a Second Language. The program varies from certificate to Ph.D. degree, depending on the institution you study at. TESL program could be an independent ESL program or it could also be

Syntax, Semantics and More – Learning about Linguistics!

Linguistics refers to the study of language and its structure on the whole – students in this major analyze language form, language meaning, and language in context. So, semantics, syntax and more are all subjects that will be gone over. These subjects and the skills you’ll gain will be assets

Making a Career Choice – Here’s What to Consider!

Choosing a career path is arguably one of the hardest decisions people face in their lifetime. There are so many options and an overwhelming amount of things to consider. To make things easier on new graduates and current students, we have highlighted 4 key areas you should consider before choosing

Job Hunting Resources for Finding Canadian Job Postings!

The world is now highly digital, and most of the job market can now be found online in Canada. Canadians will primarily apply to jobs through online postings; these are on the company website, as well as through third-party job posting platforms. Below, three job posting platforms will be explored,

Architecture – From Popular Career Paths to Transferable Skills

Architecture is a challenging field of study that prepares you for creative and well-respected professions. Moreover, the demand for jobs in architecture is on the rise in Canada and it’s expected to continue growing. The common stigma of studying architecture is thinking of becoming an architect as one of the

Advertising Majors, You’re in Luck! Careers are Everywhere

At the intersection of human psychology, business, artistic talent and creativity is advertising! Creating compelling advertisements for companies is no easy task; you must understand what drives materialistic desire and what visuals attract our attention in order to get people to purchase something. And most of all, you must avoid