two yellow sticky notes on a window that say "sorry we are closed" and "covid 19"

New Year, New Restrictions

It’s hard to keep up with all the Omicron updates, but you can expect that Canada will set the same restrictions as it did back in the autumn of 2020.

Child looking at a PC screen

5 Ways Students Around the World Are Thriving Despite COVID

JFK wasn’t quite correct when he popularised the idea that the Chinese word for ‘crisis’ was formed of characters for ‘danger’ and ‘opportunity,’ but the idea has stuck for a reason. Students from schools all over the world are making the most of their education in spite of the challenges COVID has presented, and one of the pandemic’s silver linings is that people have been spurred towards innovation— especially in education.

Christmas decorations hanging

7 Christmas Markets You Must Visit Now This Holiday Season in Canada

Due to the pandemic, we have been without festive activities for two years, but many Christmas markets across Canada will finally be open during the holidays. If you don’t know what Christmas markets are, they are centuries-old German traditions in which many German towns host Christkindlmarkets in December. Each market is unique and features local artisans and regional treats. Locals participate in the festivities by sampling local delicacies, shopping for gifts, and sharing holiday cheer. Public health advisories may apply: capacity may be limited, pre-registration may be required, masks will be required, and social distancing is recommended. Here are the Christmarkets that are open now in Canada and you must check them out before another lockdown occurs!