Black Friday: A Day of Spending AND Saving

Black Friday: A Day of Spending and Saving

After the month of September, holidays and important annual celebrations seem to be every other day with no sign of slowing down until after the New Year has been rung in. While I love a good celebration as much as the next person, the seemingly-constant stream of events that take place following Labour Day makes the last four months of the year a little overwhelming (and expensive). For example, with October comes Thanksgiving (in Canada) and Halloween, followed by November which brings with it the Thanksgiving celebrations (in the United States) and Black Friday (I’ll get back to this later), and who could forget about the December festivities such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Bodhi Day (or whatever else you celebrate!), with New Years’ celebrations to wrap it all up. Regardless, as your designated Holiday-Helper when it comes to holidays in Canada, it is my duty to keep you posted about the holidays and important events that are coming up so you can plan and celebrate accordingly. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the day that embodies consumer-culture; Black Friday!

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Why Halloween is the Best Half-Holiday

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Everyone says that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, and while I don’t think I can dispute that in good conscience, the time of year around Halloween is a very close second. The leaves are falling, pumpkins are out, the weather is gloomy… The whole October atmosphere really just completes the spooky season! Halloween has been one of my favourite holidays since I was a little girl, so I’m a little extra passionate about today’s article. With that being said, let’s take a look into how Canada celebrates Halloween!

Canada and USA

United States to reopen border with Canada Starting November

From November, the United States will reopen its land border to people not traveling for urgent reasons. Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of Homeland Security, announced that fully vaccinated travellers arriving from Canada and Mexico will be permitted entry from both land and sea ports.

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How to Celebrate Thanksgiving 101

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Or, is it Merry Thanksgiving…? Whatever the case, I wish you all a wonderful day and hope your day is spent with your family eating lots of food. That’s certainly what I will be doing this Thanksgiving!

Sorry we're open street sign

Umm sorry, but why do Canadians say sorry all the time?

Sorry guys, I would be saying too many sorries in this article. Oops..sorry! I moved to Canada a couple of years ago to study and trust me when I say that I was taken by surprise by the Canadian habit of apologizing. Um sorry, but can somebody tell me why do Canadians say sorry so much?! Canadians apologize for coming to work early, for squeezing past you in a crowded area, for asking for a napkin in a restaurant, for entering the elevator before you, for feeding you more than they should and sometimes to even themselves! Can you imagine being a Canadian and having to send back a wrong food order at a restaurant?!

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What I’ve learnt from Canadian Cereal Boxes

A cereal box tells a story. The images, product description and company biography come together to form a warming morning welcome. In Canada, a glance at the ingredient list often provides humble satisfaction; non-GMO, organic, low sugar, natural ingredients, locally-made. . . ah. But whats more, and may surprise newcomers, is the language these details are written in. Or the two languages to be precise.