Study at one of the Best High Schools in Beautiful Richmond

In Metro Vancouver, between the Coast Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Richmond is an award-winning, upper-middle-class city with 220,000 people. As well as being home to Vancouver International Airport, Richmond is known for co-hosting the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.


How to Launch your Career as an E-commerce Specialist?

An e-commerce specialist designs and implements strategies to simplify online transactions and processes. The specialist also develops and executes marketing plans for websites. The writers of e-commerce content decide on which products to publish on the portal. The ability to understand these systems allows them to establish best practices for content creation, product listing, and distribution while maintaining an online presence for their companies.

a pencil laying over exam sheets

How to Prepare for Final Exams: 10 Top and Easy Tips for Success

It’s that time of the year where the semester is coming to a close, and students are getting ready for that dreaded final exams season. Instead of cramming on the last night before the exam, prepare yourself by following some of these tips!

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