[Langara College] Research to Improve International Student Lives

Langara College is happy to announce that they have received funding to begin an explorative research study into international student pathways in Canada. They will be working closely with external partners, including government agencies, non-profits and other colleges. This collaboration will foster innovative social solutions to barriers to education, immigration and

Part-Time Work Opportunities on Your OWN Schedule!

For students returning to Canada, there are many work from home, part-time work opportunities! Students need not be afraid of a lack of safe work due to COVID19, since there are so many options for them to work from home. These include captioning, translating, dog walking and also tutoring. Plus,

[TRU] Online Learning – An Experience to Embrace

Thompson Rivers University is mostly going to be operating remotely this fall 2020 – students will largely be taking classes and accessing service entirely online. Of course, TRU will be ensuring student safety throughout this process and especially for those courses on campus. While this will be a big change

[Selkirk College] Professor Provides Real Experiences for Students!

[Selkirk College] Professor Provides Real Experiences for Students! Selkirk professor Nichola Lytle is passionate about bringing student creativity to life. She is an outstanding instructor who manages her own companies, teaches, parents and brings students into creative projects where she can. In fact, Lytle has brought on numerous students onto

[Algonquin College] Cybersecurity, Protect the World from Threats!

Cybersecurity is perhaps one of the most intriguing areas of computer science out there! Algonquin College is ready to make you a hero if you enroll in their new graduate cybersecurity program. You’ll learn all the skills necessary to protect both the private and public sectors from cyber-threats from international crime organizations

[VCC] Brand NEW Associate of Science Degree

  Vancouver Community College is offering a brand new Associate of Science degree for students! This program is great for those wanting to explore the science arena. Here, students take 24 credits, including 6 in the arts and at least one in statistics. After completion, they can transfer to a bigger

4 Time Tracking Apps to Curb Procrastination

Wondering how to track all of your time simply and effectively? Luckily, in today’s age, this has become a lot easier. There is a multitude of different apps out there to help you track your time effectively. Knowing how much time you spend on what can help you create schedules

[Fanshawe College] Four Guarantees for the Fall

    Fanshawe College has 4 guarantees for students this fall 2020: high-quality education, a commitment to academics, health and safety and student supports. They want to ensure students that just because the university is changing, for now, does not mean the quality of their experiences or learning must change. Therefore,


[Vancouver School Board] Sustainable Food Security Run by Students

Vancouver students in the Vancouver School District are spending their summers volunteering in the Sustainable Opportunities for Youth Leadership. These youth will be able to work on innovative projects providing food to students and families in need in light of the COVID19 pandemic. Here, they will be both learning skills and providing meaningful

[Kootenay Lake School District] Updates on the Restart Plan

Kootenay Lake School District’s superintendent has let all students, staff and families know about their plans for fall 2020. Given recent announcements about returning to class, the district is preparing to have students and staff return as safely as they can. Measures coming their way will include learning cohorts, masks in

[Georgian College] Finding a 2nd Home at Georgian College

Georgian College strives to introduce their community to each other through a media segment known as the People of Georgian. Here, they share stories of amazing faculty, staff and students to highlight their experiences at Georgian College, as well as their goals for the future. Recently, they featured international student Jose

Canadian Education: What International Students Must Know

The Canadian education system can feel complex, however it is necessary to understand to make the most of your studies. International students coming to Canada may be entering the K-12 system, a language school, postsecondary institution or a professional certification institution. Knowing what to expect at each will help you feel more

[TWU] Get Academic Assistance for Free at Trinity Western!

Trinity Western University works to ensure that first-year students have the most comfortable experience they can. Thus, they are now providing free writing tutors and peer support guides to help students build connections, do research and writing, and getting a taste of education through the lens of Christian faith. Having mentors

Applying for the Medical Services Plan in British Columbia

MSP is a public health insurance plan that covers medically necessary services. In fact, all residents in BC, including many international students (* see ‘Eligibility’), MUST enrol this medical service plan. As an international student on a work permit or study permit, you should enrol into MSP as soon as possible,

[Niagara College] New Funding Available to Treat Diabetic Issues

Niagara College is fortunate to be the recipient of a grant of $209,576 (over two years) from the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC). They intend to use this grant to research healthcare access for homeless and vulnerable individuals struggling with diabetic foot problems. This opportunity will be great in a