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[John Casablancas Institute] Business, Hairstyling, and K-Pop!

  For some, a calling to hairstyling comes from inspiration from celebrities. For others, like Nayeon (Nina) Park, it was all around her from when she was young. Nina was born and raised in Seoul, Korea. Her mother used to cut hair when she was young. And her best friend’s


[Canadian Tourism College] Fly High as a Flight Attendant

  For international students searching for an international career, perhaps consider becoming a flight attendant. Canadian Tourism College offers a fantastic flight attendant program that combines standard learning through lectures and assignments, with hands-on learning inside the college’s own Boeing plane! So, if you have the travel bug, make your next stop


Top 3 Differences of Schools between Vancouver and Hong Kong

When I first came to Canada, I immediately saw components that differentiate Canadian schools from schools in Hong Kong. It is not only because of the educational approaches and students’ clothing, but also the school hours in two cities. Yet, I am glad to have both experiences because certain benefits


[SAIT] From India to Canada – My New Life!

Meet Arth Limbachiya! He’s in his first year of the Chemical Engineering Technology diploma and a member of the SAIT Student Content Team. Coming all the way from India to Canada — Arth shares what his SAIT experience has been like as an international student. What made you choose SAIT? I completed my bachelor

[Columbia College] A Guide to Canadian Education at Columbia

  Columbia College alumnus, Ester Di Maio De Cunha moved from Brazil to Canada to begin her post-secondary journey. Her experience has been incredibly rewarding; she successfully navigated the university transfer program and completed her degree in political science at SFU. She is even now on her way to a master’s


My first christmas in Canada

Christmas is one of the big events in Canada but I am not a big fan of it. When I lived in Hong Kong with my parents, we never celebrated Christmas properly. Instead of having a turkey feast, we had hotpot at night and ice cream afterwards. We would walk

How does living in Canada compare to Iran?

When I first found out I was going to Canada, I couldn’t imagine what life here would be like. Fast forward, 7 years from then and here I am living in Canada. The truth is the lifestyle and customs in Canada differ greatly from those in Iran. Whether they are

My 3 Thrilling Adventures in British Columbia

There are many awesome adventures awaiting you in British Columbia. Looking for new things to do or just want to spice up your life a little? Check out these 3 thrilling activities I tried out! Paddleboarding Hands down one of the most fun activities to take part in with friends!

3 Essential Tips I Learned When I First Came to Canada

When I came to Canada, I was only fourteen and knew nothing about living on my own. Before I decided to study abroad in Vancouver, I lived with my parents in Hong Kong. Since I am the only child at home, my parents always plan out everything for me. Although


Advice on How To Adjust to Canada as a Newcomer

As a former immigrant, I understand how stressful and daunting moving to a new country can be. For instance, you may feel unable to talk with others and find it difficult to fit in. Such barriers are common and can be overcome with some time and effort. So if you

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Top 3 Things I Love about dancing in Vancouver

Dancing, it’s been at the centre of my life always. After I danced at my ballet studio in Japan, I had the chance to go to the United States to study in high school and dance. The reason why I decided to go abroad was mostly because of dancing. After

3 Amazing Things I did Last Summer in Vancouver

SUMMER is almost here. As an international student, I love exploring around in Vancouver during the summer, looking for various outdoor events to go to. Are you looking for places to go this summer? Here are 3 amazing things I did last summer and believe me, you don’t want to


3 Things I Miss About Studying in Vancouver

For the past two years, I was able to spend extended periods of time abroad due to an exchange semester at the University of Hong Kong and an internship with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). My absence from Vancouver has made me realize things that I definitely took for granted in the past.

How to improve your English with 3 simple changes

Easy ways of practicing English Becoming fluent in a new language is not an easy task. The good news is, there are many ways for you to tackle this challenge here in Canada. As an international student, I found the following to be effective in improving my English. So here’s


Top Five Things I love about living in Canada

What made me decide to live in Canada When I first landed in PEI (Prince Edward Island), Canada, the first thing that caught me off guard was the weather and the gorgeous sceneries. It felt like I had stepped into a world of snow-covered forests. I could tell it was


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