International Foundation Program

Get Accepted at University of Toronto – International Foundation Program (IFP)

The University of Toronto now offers the International Foundation Program (IFP) for international undergraduate students. The program combines conditional acceptance to the University with intensive English courses and other credit courses. The IFP is available for all programs on the St. George campus, with the exception of Kinesiology & Physical Education. 

UNBC Campus

University of Northern British Columbia

University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) is committed to turning the school into a place for students to grow and achieve their goals. In 2021, UNBC has named the first Primarily Undergraduate University by Maclean’s Magazine, the third time in seven years.

Blueberry Agriculture

Agriculture and forestry jobs are in high demand in 2022. Learn how to become a BC farmer today!

One of the largest industries and sources of long-term employment in Canada, Agriculture and Forestry careers provide jobs for 2.3 million. In addition to providing us with a multitude of food products and alternative energy sources, these careers contribute heavily to the economy of Canada. As well as preserving our natural resources, these careers, particularly those associated with Forestry, ensure we have access to a bountiful supply of land in the years to come. Some of the careers in Agriculture and Forestry are “green careers,” which involve preserving or protecting the environment.

People sitting around a table, all pointing at a laptop screen.

Where Can I Study Communications in Beautiful British Columbia?

Human behaviours, social interactions, and other interpersonal patterns and trends are always evolving. The ways in which we make connections now are vastly different from the methods we used in the past, especially with technological advancements and the rise of social media. With something as vital as human interaction constantly changing, it’s important for there to be effective resources so we can stay educated on the changes in communications. For those of you studying in British Columbia who are interested in learning more about the field of communications and the areas of study surrounding communications, there are many institutions and programs for you to choose from.