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Follow These Steps to Buying a Used Vehicle in BC

Intro Despite the rising costs of gas, many of us still need our cars to travel to work, run errands, and facilitate daily tasks. Some of us might even be looking to buy a new or second-hand car at this very moment. With so many things to consider, buying a used car can be overwhelming. This article has compiled a list of steps that can help you in determining what kind of car you want and how you want to go about buying it! Steps to Buying a Used Vehicle Research to find a vehicle that matches your needs: Start

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5 Working Holiday Destinations in Canada to Consider

Montreal, Quebec What if you want to work someplace that doesn’t feel like Canada? Check out Montreal. This city is unique from any other Canadian city—especially with tourists claiming that they often feel like they’re in Europe when they visit. It is one of the oldest and largest cities in Canada, where Montreal has a rich heritage and culture. For one, many people in Montreal speak French despite there being plenty of English-speaking individuals as well. Its main hub, Old Montreal, is lined with cobbled streets and historical buildings. Montreal is also known for being Canada’s artistic hub, with plenty

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Canadian border restrictions on COVID-19 will be lifted on October 1

Since Covid-19 has influenced the world, Canada had some border restrictions to protect the health and safety of Canadians. However, today, the federal government of Canada officially has announced that starting October 1, 2022, all COVID-19 border requirements, including vaccination, mandatory use of ArriveCAN, and any testing and quarantine/isolation requirements will end for all travellers entering Canada whether by land, air or sea. What do you need to know from October 1? Effective October 1, 2022, all travellers, regardless of citizenship, will no longer have to: Submit public health information through the ArriveCAN app or website; Provide proof of vaccination;

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Statutory Holidays in British Columbia and Canada

Intro Most people, if not all, love taking a day off from work, especially when it is due to a statutory holiday. During these holidays, people can relax at home, go on a day trip, or spend time with their family and friends. Having some free time during the week is a great way to recharge and refocus. On top of that, you will still be paid during statutory holidays, so you won’t have to worry about missing a pay cheque.  What Are Statutory Holidays? Statutory holidays are public holidays that are observed by the province and/or by the federal

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Popular Food Delivery Apps in Canada 2022

Intro We’ve all been through it – feeling lazy and not wanting to cook. Maybe you also wanted to cook but there are no ingredients at home, and we don’t have time to go grocery shopping because we have to hop on a Zoom call in thirty minutes. Well, the good news is Canada is home to some of the best food delivery services in the world. All you have to do is download their app, choose a restaurant, put your order in, and then wait! It’s easy! Here is a list of food delivery apps you might want to


Canada Will Mark Queen’s Funeral with a Federal Holiday

Canada’s Federal Holiday Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has formally announced that Monday, September 19, 2022 will be a federal holiday to mourn Queen Elizabeth II’s death and burial. However, it will not be an annual holiday. On federal holidays, only federally regulated workers get the day off for the Queen’s mourning.  Provincial governments are currently working with Prime Minister Trudeau in making their own decisions regarding making this a provincial holiday. As of Sep 13, 4:45 pm, it will not be a statutory holiday in Quebec and Ontario. The provinces of Nova Scotia, N.B., Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, and


Enjoy Life and Studies in Fort St. John

Overview of the City Fort St. John is a small city located in northeastern British Columbia. It is the most populous municipality in the Peace River Regional District. It’s also home to approximately 21,500 people and spans just over 22.69 km2. Despite these small numbers, the city is often referred to as one of the province’s “best-kept secrets.” Why? Well, let’s go back to the beginning. Fort St. John began as a trading post in 1794 and was established as a thriving community in 1928. During the construction of the Alaska Highway, the city’s population grew to 2,000. It became

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SPC Cards and Why You Should Get One

Intro If you’re a student, you know that every cent or dollar counts. If you don’t want to miss any deals or are looking for that heavily discounted price, you’ll want to consider getting an SPC Card for yourself! What is an SPC Card? An SPC card, also known as the Student Price Card, is a special loyalty card that has been specifically created to help students save money. It offers student pricing and provides discounts, contests and special limited-time offers on items for activities, fashion, food, and even services such as car repairs, booking flights or cell phone plans


How To Spend Your Labour Day Weekend This Year

Ways to Celebrate in Vancouver Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) The PNE has been a weekend and a family favourite for hundreds of thousands of Vancouverites annually. You can catch the Fair this year, which runs between August 20 and September 5. Be prepared to be entertained by show dogs, flying acrobats, duelling pianists, and concerts at the PNE Amphitheater. Admission to the Fair is $20 at the gate for visitors who are ages 19-64. But if you order them online in advance, you can get them for $18! Also, on Fridays (between August 26th and September 2nd), if you show

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Essential Information Before Travelling to Canada as an International Student

Want to Come to Canada? Just like in other countries, please be sure to know whether you are eligible when entering Canada and that you have all the necessary documents at hand. Additionally, there are three requirements a Canadian student must have: Students must be fully vaccinated while travelling unless they are under 18 years of age. In addition, students must complete their ArriveCAN submission. Students must have a valid study permit or a letter of introduction showing eligibility for a study permit (unless a study permit is not needed). Students must attend a designated learning institution. Students are encouraged

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What you need to do about mandatory random COVID-19 testing in Canada

ArriveCAN will continue to require mandatory travel information, subject to a few exceptions, within 72 hours before arriving in Canada, and/or before boarding a cruise ship destined for Canada, as of August 22, 2022. Also, people must do mandatory random COVID-19 testing when selected. What must you do if you have been selected for mandatory random COVID-19 testing? If you have been selected for mandatory random COVID-19 testing, you might receive an email from the Government of Canada after you passed the custom at the airport. Once you receive this email, you need to follow the steps that they show

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Car Sharing in Vancouver

If you need to get somewhere quick, or if you have too much of a load but don’t have a car, Vancouver has car-sharing services that students take advantage of on a daily basis. Below is a list of car-sharing services that you can sign up for in Vancouver. How Car Sharing Works The first thing you’ll have to do is become a member of the car-sharing service of your choice. You will have to submit your driving record and most likely a photo of a valid driver’s licence.  Worry not if you’re a Class 7 driver (N driver) because

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Canada Three Cities Ranked in Top 10 Most Liveable Cities in the World in 2022

Guess What! According to a recent ranking published by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), three Canadian cities—Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto—have just made it to the list of top 10 most liveable cities in the world in 2022.  The ranking, known as The Global Liveability Index, ranked 173 different cities around the world for how “liveable” each city is. To measure this, the index considered more than 30 qualitative and quantitative factors across five broad categories: Stability (patterns of crime, threats of conflict/terror, etc.) Healthcare (availability/access to good healthcare, private vs. public healthcare, etc.) Culture and environment (weather, sports, food, proximity


Farmers’ Markets Worth Visiting in Vancouver & Toronto

Intro For many Canadians, buying fresh food at a local farmers’ markets is one of summer’s many pleasures. Despite the convenience of grocery stores and supermarkets, the recent impacts of COVID-19 have led many to consider their health, as well as the pros and cons of buying local foods vs. packaged foods. So keep on reading to find out what exactly the differences between fresh and packaged foods are, and the hottest farmers’ markets in Vancouver and Toronto this year!  What exactly is a Farmers’ Market? A farmers’ market is a physical retail marketplace, where farmers and producers can sell

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What You Need To Know About Using The ArriveCAN App

Are you thinking of travelling soon? A quick trip down to Seattle or perhaps a further trip located in Asia or Europe? Well, regardless of where you go, you’ll now have to download the ArriveCAN mobile app and fill out your information to come back to Canada. Foreign nationals who are looking to visit Canada, this applies to you too! What is the ArriveCAN app? The ArriveCAN mobile app is designed by the Government of Canada and is used by travellers to submit mandatory travel and health information before landing at any Canadian airport. Initially, downloading the app was only


Ways to Celebrate the BC Day Long Weekend This Year

BC Day, otherwise known as British Columbia Day, is an annual long weekend in…you guessed it, the province of British Columbia! On this day, British Columbians take a day off to celebrate their local heritage and recognize shaping the social, cultural and political landscape of the province. Keep reading to learn what you can do this coming long weekend to show your BC pride! Honda Celebration of Light Fireworks This fireworks event is arguably the most popular summer event in Vancouver. Every year in July, around 1,200,000 people gather around the English Bay area to observe the performance. This year,


BC Ferries’ Best Discounts Yet on Inter-Island Routes

Intro After a relatively cold two months of May and June, summer has finally arrived in BC, and the new season is full of things to do. So why not do a bit of travelling? This July, August and September, save 75% on BC Ferries fees! Take advantage of the promotion to travel up and down the Strait of Georgia, explore the Sunshine Coast, and discover the hidden islands and bays up to Desolation Sound in upper BC.  The Offer From Wednesday, July 6 to Thursday, September 1, Vancouverites and those visiting the area can take advantage of BC Ferries’

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Places to Meet Your University/College Friends in Vancouver

Check out these 4 meet-up spots for college/university students!  The Rec Room  If you’re looking to have lots of fun with your friends, the Rec Room at The Amazing Brentwood is a great place to consider! The Rec Room opened in 2021 and is the first location in BC across Canada. With over 43,000-sf ft of space, the building accommodates the following: Their Restaurants  Are you and your friends looking for a place to eat? Consider these two restaurants at the Rec Room: Three10 Canadian-inspired cuisine Uses fresh ingredients which originate from all over the country Their menu includes: Tempura


7 Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer

Check out these 7 tips on how to stay cool this summer in Canada! #1. Stay hydrated.  It’s important to stay hydrated when you’re feeling thirsty and hot, but with extreme heat waves taking over Canadian cities again this summer, it’s now recommended that you start drinking before you even feel your throat drying up! It’s also important to continue drinking throughout the day to replace fluids that have been lost to sweat because this is essential for keeping cool and avoiding the effects of dehydration. Water is recommended as sugary juice, soda, and caffeine can make you even thirstier.

Working Holidays Where to Find a Job

Working Holidays: Where to Find a Job

The school breaks are quickly approaching and now’s your opportunity to lighten your class load. Many students typically take on temporary jobs while their schedules open up during this time of year. Here’s how you can do that. Where to Start Looking Indeed – The most common place to look for jobs is on Indeed. You’ll find a range of jobs from temporary to full-time, part-time, and long-term positions.  Walk around the mall – Sometimes workplaces don’t advertise their open positions online. Typically mall stores will have “We’re Hiring!” signs on their windows. Ask for their information and then email