Missing your Gym? Try These Home Exercises!

With the onset of COVID19 in Canada, many gyms had to close. But, this gave way to a rise in home workouts. There are many options for home workouts, with some of the most popular tools including fitness apps complete with numerous exercise routines, and YouTube videos that have gone

Toronto Transit Commission System – Your Way Around the City!

Toronto, like Vancouver, has a dominant transit operator. There’s is the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) and it runs subway trains, streetcars, and busses. This expansive system serves thousands upon thousands of people every day, and it’s likely it’ll serve you as well while you’re in Toronto. So, be aware of the system

Vancouver’s Transit System – How to Get Around!

International students intending to live in Vancouver should become familiar with their public transit system, as they will likely be using it to visit places in the lower mainland such as restaurants, grocery stores, school and more. The public transit system is fairly comprehensive, including busses, Skytrains, trains and a

Student Discounts You Should be Aware of in Canada!

Heads up, students! There are a number of ways you can save money in diverse areas such as food, travel, memberships, tech and clothing. Researching and taking advantage of student discounts will help you save money as an international student spending money on both tuition and living costs. There are

[QC] Extravagant Shows and Events of the Québec Winter Carnival

The Quebéc Winter Carnival is a widely known event filled with a wide range of fun holiday activities for all ages. The carnival originally came to life in France to relieve the harsh conditions of winter but now it has become a visitors’ favourite holiday annual festival of Québec. From

[ON] 6 Must-Visit Day Trip Destinations of Toronto

Toronto is by itself a great travel destination but what makes it stand out is its surrounding day trip spots. From the hidden gems all the way to popular destinations, this list covers it all up. So without further ado, here are 6 top day-trip travel spots of Toronto: 1.

[BC/ON] Aurora Winter Festival is Coming!

Winter and the holiday season is fast approaching in Canada, which means the Aurora Winter Festival will be returning to two major Canadian cities. Toronto and Vancouver will be hosting the festival which features games, rides, food and markets, ice skating and much much more! It is the perfect place

[AB] 4 Places in Calgary to Experience the Real Jurassic World!

If you are a fan of dinosaurs then you must have heard of Calgary, the land of dinosaurs. This wondrous city features some jaw-dropping prehistoric experiences that will leave you wanting more. From the endless hands-on activities and exhibits to the fun programs for kids, Calgary guarantees to satisfy any

[BC] Discover 96+ Screenings at The Whistler Film Festival

The Whistler Film Festival (WFF) is hands down one of the most beloved film festivals in Canada, giving CaribbeanTales International Film Festival a run for its money. Ignite your passion for movies and short films once again at Whistler this upcoming December with over 90 films. This year the WFF will be

Skiing for Beginners – A Guide for Before You Head to the Slopes

When the snow comes and there’s a mountain nearby, especially in Canada, you can be sure that many people will be heading there to do their skiing, but what if you’re skiing for the first time? There’s no need for you to miss out on all the fun. Anyone from