CISM – PhoneBox: Your Hassle-Free Connection to Canada

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Stay Connected from the Moment You Land

Arriving in Canada can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience. One of the first things you’ll need is a local phone to stay connected with friends, family, and for essential tasks like navigating, researching, and making reservations.

Traditional Canadian SIM Card Challenges

Securing a local SIM card often requires a Canadian bank account or credit card, which can be difficult to obtain immediately upon arrival. PhoneBox eliminates these hurdles by allowing you to purchase your Canadian SIM card before you even leave Japan.

PhoneBox: Your One-Stop Solution

PhoneBox is an international mobile carrier that provides seamless Canadian SIM card activation. With PhoneBox, you can:

* Activate your SIM card before you depart for Canada

* Avoid the hassle of setting up a Canadian bank account or credit card

* Enjoy immediate connectivity upon arrival

Special Offer for CISM and FSS Members

As a valued CISM or FSS member, you can enjoy an exclusive offer:

FREE SIM Card ($10 Value in Regular Price)

Simply click on the link below to activate your free SIM card and start exploring Canada with peace of mind.

Please note: This offer applies only to the SIM card fee. Other charges may apply.