U of T International Academy Online Learning

It’s good to get a head start on your university career, especially if you want to go to school abroad. Good grades are one thing, but University of Toronto, also known as U of T, emphasizes another feature that their students must have, which is global awareness and citizenship. U of T International Academy Students should have access to the finest education, no matter where they are from. The University of Toronto is one of Canada’s best universities and is committed to matching up to those high expectations. The institution, located in a safe and multicultural city is rated the


Journalism at Langara

For those who love to tell stories and connect with other people, journalism is the ideal program for you. Many schools offer journalism, but no one does it the way Langara does.  Overview of Langara Langara is one of the major colleges in British Columbia. They are located in Vancouver, but not far from Burnaby. Students from over 100 countries come to Langara to study, and it’s no mystery why. A high percentage of students were satisfied with the quality of Langara’s education. The school makes it easy to transfer to a different university and prepares its students for further

Continuing Education at UVic

Continuing Education at UVic

A language barrier should never be something that prohibits people from receiving higher education. The University of Victoria has come up with a solution to help international students reach their goals by providing English pathways to university. The University of Victoria A university placed in the heart of British Columbia is the University of Victoria (UVic). This post-secondary institution is the first among Canadian comprehensive universities. All of their students are career-ready by the time they graduate. UVic teaching philosophy is based on three elements: dynamic learning, vital impact, and the academic environment. This results in students and professionals who

June 15, 2020 - Various scenes around campus (photo by Daria Perevezentsev)

International Summer Academy at UofT

The University of Toronto works hard to provide its international students academic support, includes special courses at the International Summer Academy. 


Scholarship Opportunity at Kootenay Lake School District 8

Kootenay Lake School District 8 (SD8) offers scholarships to new international students attending Kootenay Lake Schools. If you qualify, you may receive a scholarship of up to $500 that will be deducted from your tuition for your upcoming academic period ($250 for half a semester and $500 for a full year). When submitting the scholarship application, you give SD8 permission to use the video/write-up and photo on the SD8 international website and on other marketing materials (only first names and countries of origin will be used in any published material). Introduction to Kootenay Lake School District Kootenay Lake School District

Art & Design Foundations at VFS

Art & Design Foundations at VFS

Start a new creative chapter in your education or career by starting with Vancouver Film School’s diploma program in Art and Design Foundations.  Intro to VFS Vancouver Film School (VFS) is an internationally renowned school of art. Many of their alumni and graduates go on to work on big-name projects, both games, and movies. The school specializes in intensive and condensed programs that last no more than a year. Even so, their students graduate with professional-level skills and portfolios that equip them for a successful career in the film industry. To have a further look into what the school is


Canadian College Co-Op Programs

Co-op programs are one of the best ways for students to gain professional experience in their area of interest. At Canadian College, you’ll receive one of the finest Co-op experiences.  Overview of Canadian College Canadian College is a private college in Vancouver established in 2008. The college offers many kinds of diplomas in a wide range and certificate programs in Business, Hospitality, International Trade, Project Management, IT, and Social Media. If you are interested in Co-op Programs, browse through what Canadian College has to offer.  Co-op Programs Co-ops can be rewarding for college students as they give a practical experience along with


Intro to Vancouver Film School – VFS Vancouver

Vancouver is home to Hollywood North because it’s a popular place for shows and movies to film. It’s also home to one of the most renowned film schools in the world. Why VFS  If you’ve always been interested in the magic of movie-making, then there’s no better choice than attending Vancouver Film School. They are known across the globe and can prepare their students for their careers in a matter of twelve months.  When you’re done with the twelve months, you can move on to other post-secondary schools through their pathways and be eligible for your PGWP. With two levels


Study at  Kootenay Lake SD8 and have an Unforgettable Canadian Experience

Kootenay Lake School District 8 (SD8) is located in a beautiful area of British Columbia and is prized for its winter and summer outdoor activities. This district is one of Canada’s mildest climates so that is why students can enjoy our pristine environments all year round. SD8 schools are a valuable part of the local community, providing exceptional academics and a variety of electives. A key component of their education programs is to encourage students’ passions. What are the advantages of studying at Kootenay Lake SD8? Warm climate all year round Small classes – individualized program and strong supports ELL