journey in stagecraft and event technology my experience at douglas college

Journey in Stagecraft and Event Technology: My Experience at Douglas College

I am currently pursuing a diploma in Stagecraft and Event Technology at Douglas College. In my program, we learn the necessary knowledge and skills of stagecraft, such as lighting, props, set design, and stage management. Why choose to study at Douglas College? A few years ago, I explored various colleges and universities while staying in Vancouver for a week. I was drawn to the atmosphere at Douglas College, and I felt that it would be a suitable fit for me. Subsequently, I decided to enroll in the college. Why choose this program? The program offers a comprehensive range of stagecraft

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Achieve Your Goals with the Support of Capilano University

Where is Capilano University Located? Capilano University is in 3 locations, from the Sunshine Coast and Lonsdale. Its main campus, however, is in North Vancouver, where it enrolls approximately 11,000 students each year. In my experience of studying here, it is easy to commute to, provides vast parking spaces for students and has many busses available for students who do not drive. Benefits of Studying at Capilano University Capilano University is a small university where students have the chance to grow and develop skills. Classes at Capilano University are small but offer many advantages when studying here! One of my

Cafeteria Foods

Here is What I Learned About Cheap Cafeteria Foods in Canada

Cafeteria food is a convenient and cheap way to fuel yourself during the school day. The low costing food items can help everyone with all price ranges, a healthy and nutritious meal. Cafeteria food may vary from school to school, to name some, menu items, meat and vegetable options, choice of the daily meals, and even some schools simply not having a cafeteria system operated. For example places like Japan often do not have cafeterias inside high schools and elementary schools as they eat pre-determined meals and inside classrooms.

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Four Biggest Benefits of Volunteering for International Students in Canada

In Canada, a myriad of people often volunteer, especially, most students have to do it in order to People often volunteer in Canada, especially students, who must do so in order to graduate from school. In contrast, volunteering is not as common in Japan. I had never volunteered before I moved to Canada, but now that I’m here, I’ve mostly been making posters for Instagram and editing videos as a volunteer. Participating in volunteer work has given me four benefits. Using my experience as an international student, I will explain why volunteering is important to them.

Faria Firoz with husband Mynol Vhuiyan celebrating award

International Student at University of the Fraser Valley Awarded Medal for Social Justice Art Project

International Student Faria Firoz moved to Canada from Bangladesh with her husband Mynol Vhuiyan in 2016. She has lived in Canada for just 5 years and already have made a recognition as an International Student by using her art to advocate for social issues.
She is one of the four artists who worked on the Black Lives Matter (BLM) social justice art project. The project was launched on June 12 at the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) in response to the BLM movement. Her commitment to advocacy has earned Firoz the 2021 Lieutenant Governor’s medal at the UFV.
The criteria for the Lieutenant Governor’s medal include student’s involvement in promoting diversity, inclusion, and reconciliation.


Self-care during Online Schooling with Monica De Luna

There is no secret that we have had to become very creative during the pandemic. Spending most of our time at home has made it quite apparent that it can be frustrating being unable to interact with your environment in person. Attending classes online is also very difficult. With all the stress we have to carry on our shoulders, we must figure out how to implement self-care into our schedule every day. Monica De Luna is a First-year student studying at Niagara College, Niagara-on-the-Lake. Along with many other international students, have had to attend their first semester online. Despite all

CISM Part 2 – One with Many Worlds: Nicole Alvarez International Student Journey from Seneca College

From the Philippines, to Aruba and finally in Toronto, Canada at Seneca College. This is Nicole’s journey of being one with many worlds. Nicole is a young international student whose passion is to be of help and service to other people. In a way she found the joy of fulfilling her passion through community involvement and by pursuing a Recreational Therapy degree at Seneca College. Watch this video and learn more about Nicole and her wonderful life at Seneca College, Toronto Canada

Genevieve’s Story: What Makes International Students Brave

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” These are the famous words of Martin Luther King Jr. about taking a leap of faith – and this could best describe how brave young international students who travelled halfway across the world to study in Canada are.  “As a fresh graduate in the Philippines, as someone very young – I have never experienced being away from my family for so long. Coming here in Canada made me independent as I only have myself and no one else to depend on so I have to make smart


Canada Broadened My Perspective of the World

Canada is one of the top choices for international students to study and migrate. We had a pleasure to talk to one of the students, Danah Reyes, a graduate from Interactive Media Design program from Seneca College in Toronto. We talked with her about her background, studies, and overall experiences being a student and now working in Canada. Why did you choose Canada, specifically Toronto?  Apart from the program and location, I chose Canada because I loved the lifestyle. Canada is really a good place to live. The healthcare system is great and there is lots of activities to do.

Toshie Found His Dream Job in Vancouver

Originally from Indonesia, grew up in Guangzhou, then Shanghai and graduated High School in Singapore. Since the age of four, Toshie Kaligis has always been immersed in multicultural environments. It made his move to Vancouver a lot smoother. On top of that, Toshie mentioned that Vancouverites are really friendly and welcoming. Inspired by his mother who has built a career in the advertising industry, Toshie pursued his bachelors degree in Communication Design in an art and design institution. Without much knowledge and experience about North America, he bravely got his student visa and flew here just to experience unfamiliar surroundings.


East Meets West: Indonesian Vancouverite

I’m Indonesian and was born in Indonesia. At the age of 9, my family moved to Qatar, a small peninsula in the Middle East and I continued my journey to Canada after High School. Many people who are close to me were concerned about me fleeing home to study in a new place. They were concerned for my safety as I was in a place where I, who chose to visually identify myself as part of a certain community, am considered a minority.  I’ve probably learnt more about my identity in a place where I’m a minority. Vancouver has been

Finding a 2nd Home at Georgian College

Georgian College strives to introduce their community to each other through a media segment known as the People of Georgian. Here, they share stories of amazing faculty, staff and students to highlight their experiences at Georgian College, as well as their goals for the future. Recently, they featured international student Jose Fernandez, an avid lover of travel, nature, and athletics. People of Georgian: Meet Jose Fernandez Passion for Nature My passion for nature began when I was a small kid. Even though I grew up in Mexico City, a city full of people and the noise of cars I often wondered

Mississauga Christian Academy] Become a Well-Rounded Student at MCA!

  The Mississauga Christian Academy (MCA) in Ontario is here to provide international students of all ages, levels and interests with a rewarding experience studying and living in Canada. So, the private school offers a number of programs from middle school, to kindergarten, and summer/winter short programs. Students who complete up to the middle school program will be more than ready to entire Ontario high schools, and later a great college or university! Further, MCA goes beyond academia by offering a number of student clubs and sports all year round. MCA’s Location Mississauga is a major Ontario city home to

Make Great Friends and Learn from the Best in Canada!

Hayato is a Japanese international student who recently studied at a language school in Vancouver, Canada. Hayato found that through the experience of learning in Canada, they were able to improve their English skills, work with friendly and kind teachers and make friends from all corners of the world. This testimony speaks volumes to how rewarding studying abroad, especially in Canada, can be. Improving Speaking Skills One of the reasons why I decided to study abroad was that I hesitated to speak in English. I think a lot of Japanese students feel the same. In the Japanese education system, we

[AC] Introducing Scholarship Recipient with Kaining Zheng!

Alexander College recently named Kaining Zheng, an international student from China, a recipient of the Fall 2019 Alexander College Scholarship in Computing Science. In a new interview, he tells viewers all about his experience in Alexander College and Vancouver to date, including information on his studies, social life and more! The Scholarship Kaining Zheng is a recipient of the Fall 2019 Alexander College Scholarship. Students receiving this scholarship were professor recommendations, commending the student’s participation and academic achievement within a particular subject area. For Kaining, this was the computer science professor. Computer Science Program Kaining is pursuing the Computer Science program at Alexander

[Munro Academy] A Great Christian Academy – Just Ask the Students!

  Munro Academy is an independent, Christian school in Nova Scotia. At Munro, educators seek to provide students with a supportive, loving educational community. Here, students explore critical thinking and writing, learn to love learning, and develop their Christian faith or learn from a Christian perspective. The institute has been a smashing success amongst international students and their families, with many students and parents like expressing their love of the school. Student/Parent Testimonials – Munro Academy Grade 8 (14 year old) boy: I enjoyed my experience during the ESL camp. I made new friends and experienced what I can never do

Taking Online Class during COVID-19: How do you study?

Nagisa is an international student in Vancouver, Canada, who previously wrote the article “Flying Back to Japan During COVID19”. In Canada, almost all school campuses are closed due to the pandemic, and most of the post-secondary institutions have shifted their in-person courses to online courses. She is currently taking some online courses of Capilano University (CapU) and is going to tell us how online courses work and what kind of software she uses for them. Since the end of March, all of my in-person courses at CapU have been replaced with online courses due to the ongoing global pandemic. As many other


Flying Back to Japan During COVID19

Nagisa is an international student studying in Vancouver at Capilano University. She recently decided to fly back home to Japan since her semester was close to over and the situation of COVID19 was worsening here in Canada. Her flight home was very different than usual, many precautions were taken in order to ensure she didn’t get sick or enter Japan while being sick. Upon returning home, she made sure to self-isolate before heading outside again. International students, we hope understanding the processes she went through while traveling home will help you prepare for your travels during COVID19. As the Japanese government

[Vancouver School Board] Newcomers Share Their Stories!

The Vancouver School Board’s resources for newcomers and international students learning English have led to remarkable improvements in students’ lives, and not just in terms of understanding English. For some of the students below, they were better able to make friends have joined sports, team or joined other clubs. All struggled a bit in the beginning, but with effort and the help of school resources such as ELL classes, libraries and homework clubs, these students have blossomed and are role models for others. Shaheema – Grade 6 Shaheema is a grade 6 student who adjusted remarkably to life in Canada, and whose