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Wear Green! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day in 2023

What is St Patrick’s day? St Patrick’s day is a holiday to commemorate St Patrick, known to be a patron of Ireland. Considering Patrick was credited for bringing Christianity to its people in parts of Ireland, it’s no surprise this holiday is known to be a cultural and religious day. St Patrick’s day is celebrated on March 17th, so for the year 2023, this holiday will be celebrated on a Friday! Now then, what events are celebrated during this time of year, and how do people celebrate them? Traditions to follow for this Holiday Many people worldwide celebrate this holiday

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Statutory Holidays in British Columbia and Canada

Intro Most people, if not all, love taking a day off from work, especially when it is due to a statutory holiday. During these holidays, people can relax at home, go on a day trip, or spend time with their family and friends. Having some free time during the week is a great way to recharge and refocus. On top of that, you will still be paid during statutory holidays, so you won’t have to worry about missing a pay cheque.  What Are Statutory Holidays? Statutory holidays are public holidays that are observed by the province and/or by the federal

foods apps

Popular Food Delivery Apps in Canada 2022

Intro We’ve all been through it – feeling lazy and not wanting to cook. Maybe you also wanted to cook but there are no ingredients at home, and we don’t have time to go grocery shopping because we have to hop on a Zoom call in thirty minutes. Well, the good news is Canada is home to some of the best food delivery services in the world. All you have to do is download their app, choose a restaurant, put your order in, and then wait! It’s easy! Here is a list of food delivery apps you might want to

black friday

All You Need to Know About Black Friday Shopping around Vancouver

About Black Friday If you want a head start on your holiday shopping, you should consider doing all of it on Black Friday. If you aren’t familiar with the holiday, it’s a name originally used to describe the chaos of shoppers that occurred right after Thanksgiving in America. Specifically, the name “Black” was given because spending would surge, and retailers would traditionally begin to turn a profit for the year, moving from the red into the black. Today, Black Friday is widely recognized as a day when retail stores offer sales at deeply discounted prices to kickstart the holiday season

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Check Out This Year’s Spectacular Cherry Blossoms Across Canada

Canada is a beautiful country filled with natural wonders and stunning landscapes. Every year, the blooming of the cherry blossoms signals the start of spring, the return of warmer temperatures, and longer days. The trees and shrubs bloom with a beautiful white radiance that is incredibly captivating, and these trees draw plenty of crowds in both city centres and neighbourhoods.  Though they may not be as widely spread across the country as Japan, Canada still has its fair share of cherry blossoms. From coast to coast, you can find these iconic flowers blooming in areas like Victoria, Halifax, and even

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4 Study Spots in Vancouver You Should Check Out

Revolver Coffee Are you tired of studying in your room all day? Want to meet with your friends so you can go over the test material? Meet them at Revolver Coffee, a detail-oriented store and one of the most popular coffee shops in Vancouver. There, you can chat over some good New Zealand or Italian coffee and their tasty baked goods! Most importantly, they offer free WiFi options!  Their Menu Revolver Coffee’s menu is always changing. Here are some of the items they’ve recently served: 6 oz Cortado Pourover  Espresso Hot and iced lattes Coffee cake Cookies Pastries Where is

northern lights

Chasing the Northern Lights in Canada: Yellowknife vs Whitehorse

Whitehorse vs. Yellowknife When considering where to view the Northern lights in Canada, Whitehorse and Yellowknife often come to mind as top choices. In fact, those two locations are renowned for their mesmerising displays of the aurora borealis. Yellowknife – Northwest Territories Aurora borealis can be seen in the Northwest Territories 240 nights a year, making it the best place to see them in Canada – if not the world. If possible, try to choose a timeframe in the fall or winter (although summer is also a good option). An ice-covered wonderland and a dramatic display of the Lights make

car sharing

Car Sharing in Vancouver

If you need to get somewhere quick, or if you have too much of a load but don’t have a car, Vancouver has car-sharing services that students take advantage of on a daily basis. Below is a list of car-sharing services that you can sign up for in Vancouver. How Car Sharing Works The first thing you’ll have to do is become a member of the car-sharing service of your choice. You will have to submit your driving record and most likely a photo of a valid driver’s licence.  Worry not if you’re a Class 7 driver (N driver) because

thanksgiving 2022

Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada

The leaves are slowly changing colours, it’s getting chillier by the day, and it’s almost October…which means the Thanksgiving holiday is right around the corner!  What is Thanksgiving, and how did it start?  Thanksgiving is a national annual holiday in Canada and falls on the second Monday in October. While the first Thanksgiving in North America was celebrated by European explorers and settlers in 1578, the tradition officially started on November 6th of 1879 as a way to give thanks and celebrate the year’s harvest and blessings. Today, the Thanksgiving holiday is regarded as a statutory holiday in all provinces


What You Need to Know if IRCC Goes on Strike

As of April 17, 2023, PSAC(Public Service Alliance of Canada), the largest union in the Canadian federal government, said it would go on strike if an agreement is not reached by Tuesday afternoon. As a result, Wednesday, April 18, 2023, there is a possibility that public employees will go on strike. If that happens, it could be the largest strike against a single employer in the history of Canada. Therefore, Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) would experience delays in processing applications. What services might affect you if IRCC goes on strike? The PSAC has 60 days to strike under

canada immigration

What is the PTE Essential: New Fully-Digital English Test Approved by IRCC

Pearson Test of English has been approved by IRCC for Canadian immigration applications. To demonstrate their English language proficiency to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) candidates of the economic class will be able to take the Pearson Test of English (PTE) along with CELPIP and IELTS General Training starting in late 2023. IRCC’s language proficiency requirements for Canadian immigration applicants have been met by Pearson’s PTE Essential English language test. According to the IRCC, international students applying for a study permit must take the “Academic” language proficiency test.  With the approval of PTE Essential, economic-class immigration candidates now have


Discover the Magic of Mini Schools at VSB

The Vancouver School Board (VSB) has a unique school system called Mini School. It is a school system that exists independently in the Vancouver Public School Board system. Before introducing the mini schools, let us look at how students can transition from elementary to secondary school in VSB. According to the usual method of the school board, junior high school students are directly allocated according to the affiliated schools. The elementary schools are for K- grade 7 students, while the secondary schools are for grades 8-12. After students finish the 7th grade of elementary school, they will automatically enter the


The Guide to Apply for Tax-Free One-Time $500 Housing Benefit

Many people know that Canadian and international students need help dealing with rising inflation and the high cost of living in Canada. The government has announced a one-time top-up of the Canada Housing Benefit for vulnerable Canadian renters facing housing affordability struggles.  What is the One-time top-up to the Canadian Housing Benefit? The Canada Housing Benefit is a one-time top-up that helps low-income renters pay for their rent. One-time payments are administered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). This new federal one-time payment is available regardless of whether you receive other housing benefits such as the Canada Housing Benefit, which

fall leaves

The Best Places to See Fall Colours in Canada

Stanley Park in British Columbia What better place to be in Vancouver than by the trees and water – at the same time? Stanley Park in Vancouver is a world-renowned park and one of the most beautiful and popular in all of Canada. Attracting close to 8 million visitors every year, the park gets very busy during the fall season as it is one of the best spots to experience fall foliage. Take a walk around the seawall anytime during October or November and you’ll find plenty of photographers, Instagrammers, nature lovers, and Vancouverites soaking up the crisp and picturesque


New Booking System: Guide to Reserve Popular Camping Destinations in Canada

Canada is a wonderland for any adventure because of how beautiful nature looks in all seasons. Some of its most popular winter activities in Canada consist of skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and more. Other popular activities such as cycling, camping, and hiking are enjoyed most during spring and summer.  National parks in Canada are full of campers, hikers, and bikers. Individuals are encouraged to reserve a spot to make their spring journey smooth and stress-free. Mark your calendar and prepare for a new Parks Canada system if you want a spot at one of its sites. Soon it will be possible

top professions in demand for jobs in canada in 2023

Top Professions in Demand for Jobs in Canada in 2023

It’s time to bid farewell to 2022 and welcome a brand new year, 2023! Change is always constant and every year there are a different set of professions that are more in demand than others. So, if you are planning to study in Canada and have still not decided which course to enroll in, here are a few options you may choose from! Some of the top hard skills that are in demand include: 1. Registered Nurse There is a huge demand for Healthcare Practitioners such as Nurses and Doctors. By studying this course, it will be easier to find

travel canada

What You Need To Know About Using The ArriveCAN App

Are you thinking of travelling soon? A quick trip down to Seattle or perhaps a further trip located in Asia or Europe? Well, regardless of where you go, you’ll now have to download the ArriveCAN mobile app and fill out your information to come back to Canada. Foreign nationals who are looking to visit Canada, this applies to you too! What is the ArriveCAN app? The ArriveCAN mobile app is designed by the Government of Canada and is used by travellers to submit mandatory travel and health information before landing at any Canadian airport. Initially, downloading the app was only

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Study Information Technology Diploma with Co-op at Canadian College

Canadian College, established in 2008, is a private college in Vancouver that has been imparting excellent education through various courses. The college offers a variety of diplomas and certificate programs in fields such as Business, Hospitality, International Trade, Project Management, Information Technology, and Social Media.  Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, Canadian College is highly accessible. It is on Alberni Street that has various recreation options for the students, such as cafes, restaurants, and many more. The beautiful sunny rooftop patio is one of the student’s favourite attractions in this College, where they can gel up with their peers


Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day in Canada

Intro Every year, Father’s Day is celebrated by families all around the world who want to plan activities to celebrate fatherhood and the special men in their lives. While kids give their Dads tools, Yeti coolers, and other unique items, mothers and older children pore through Father’s Day quotes, Dad jokes, and messages to put in funny cards. History of Father’s Day Did you know that the celebration of Father’s Day started after Mother’s Day? The history of Mother’s Day goes back to the 1860s, and the declaration of Mother’s Day as a national holiday in 1914 eventually paved the


Take a look at the part-time program at BCIT

British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) was founded in 1964 and is located in British Columbia. It is not only the largest comprehensive polytechnic in Canada, but is also known for its high employment rate. Different from other universities that focus more on academic and scientific research, BCIT aims to equip their students with practical skills. BCIT has hired experts in many fields, which enrich students with knowledge in a specific skill and also guide them through challenges, such as career planning, academic assistance and achieving goals. Advantages Recommended Program Architectural and Building Technology The Architecture and Building Technology (ABT)

coffee shops

Sip, Study, Succeed: Discovering the Top 5 Co-Working Coffee Shops in Vancouver

Are you searching for the perfect place to study or work in Vancouver? If so, look no further! Vancouver, known for its stunning scenery and vibrant culture, is also home to some of the best coffee shops perfect for studying and working. Whether you’re a student, freelancer, or professional, these coffee shops offer the perfect blend of coffee, atmosphere, and amenities to help you get things done.  From cozy and quiet spaces to modern and trendy cafes, there’s something for everyone.  Top 5 Co-Working Coffee Shops in Vancouver Aperture Coffee Bar (on Main) Location:  4124 Main Street, Vancouver, BC  A


Temporary Residence Applicants in Canada Will Again Have Their Biometrics Collected

As of February 23, 2023, the Government of Canada has resumed the collection of biometric data to process applications for temporary resident applications. Applicants who are seeking a temporary residence for the categories listed below will be required to provide their biometric information:  Biometrics collection is still subject to some exemptions and temporary measures for special circumstances. To learn more about exemptions and temporary measures, please visit the Government’s official website. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, also known as IRCC,  introduced a policy on July 15th, 2020, to exempt individuals from applying for temporary residence by providing biometrics. The reason

douglas health info

Transform Your Future in Health Information Management with Douglas College

If you are passionate about healthcare and working with people, Douglas College’s Faculty of Health Sciences welcomes you with open arms! If that doesn’t do it, what if we tell you that Douglas College is the only public college in British Columbia that offers educational programs for Health Information Management professionals? That’s something to think about! Overview of the program The Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Health Information Management (HIM) is a one-of-a-kind health science program unique to Douglas College. In this program, students will gain competitive skills and practical, hands-on experience, be involved in their local community, and learn more about

newyear 2023

Add Your Bucket List: Place to Celebrate New Year 2023 in Canada

Christmas and New Year’s Eve can be some of the most exciting days of the year! Canada’s vibrant cultural diversity can support you and your loved ones. Here are some ideas of places to celebrate New years’ eve in Canada. Enjoy a dazzling firework display and brightly lit streets filled with happy faces! British Columbia Polar Bear Swim – Vancouver Vancouver New Year’s tradition is finally back!  The Polar Bear Swim at English Bay Beach is Metro Vancouver’s largest New Year’s Day swimming event. In the early afternoon of New Year’s Day, thousands of people usually gather at English Bay

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Top Demand Trades – Barbers & Hair Stylists

The Growing Demand for Barbers and Hair Stylists  After graduating high school, most people who wish to pursue higher education go to college or university to complete their four-year degree. With rising debt and questions surrounding the effectiveness of a bachelor’s degree, many are turning to trade schools, where students work on developing highly-specialized skills rather than learning through the traditional form of education. Among these jobs that require specific skill sets are barbers and hair stylists, two trade jobs that are consistently in demand. According to WorkBC, British Columbia’s official job board, the field for barbers and hairstylists is