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Vancouver’s Mini School for Advanced Students

The Vancouver School Board (VSB) offers something that no other school district in British Columbia offers and that is their Mini School Programs. From art to sports to math, there’s a mini school for every student.

city house

Statutory Holidays in British Columbia and Canada

Intro Most people, if not all, love taking a day off from work, especially when it is due to a statutory holiday. During these holidays, people can relax at home, go on a day trip, or spend time with their family and friends. Having some free time during the week is a great way to recharge and refocus. On top of that, you will still be paid during statutory holidays, so you won’t have to worry about missing a pay cheque.  What Are Statutory Holidays? Statutory holidays are public holidays that are observed by the province and/or by the federal

black friday

All You Need to Know About Black Friday Shopping around Vancouver

About Black Friday If you want a head start on your holiday shopping, you should consider doing all of it on Black Friday. If you aren’t familiar with the holiday, it’s a name originally used to describe the chaos of shoppers that occurred right after Thanksgiving in America. Specifically, the name “Black” was given because spending would surge, and retailers would traditionally begin to turn a profit for the year, moving from the red into the black. Today, Black Friday is widely recognized as a day when retail stores offer sales at deeply discounted prices to kickstart the holiday season

thanksgiving 2022

Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada

The leaves are slowly changing colours, it’s getting chillier by the day, and it’s almost October…which means the Thanksgiving holiday is right around the corner!  What is Thanksgiving, and how did it start?  Thanksgiving is a national annual holiday in Canada and falls on the second Monday in October. While the first Thanksgiving in North America was celebrated by European explorers and settlers in 1578, the tradition officially started on November 6th of 1879 as a way to give thanks and celebrate the year’s harvest and blessings. Today, the Thanksgiving holiday is regarded as a statutory holiday in all provinces

foods apps

Popular Food Delivery Apps in Canada 2022

Intro We’ve all been through it – feeling lazy and not wanting to cook. Maybe you also wanted to cook but there are no ingredients at home, and we don’t have time to go grocery shopping because we have to hop on a Zoom call in thirty minutes. Well, the good news is Canada is home to some of the best food delivery services in the world. All you have to do is download their app, choose a restaurant, put your order in, and then wait! It’s easy! Here is a list of food delivery apps you might want to

person walking on a path with school building on their left / pathways at WLIC

University Pathways at WLIC

Sometimes, there are obstacles in your way to get to the school of your dreams. Thankfully, universities and colleges recognise this and want to help students transition to their target university. One of these schools is the WLIC.


Here is Everything You Need to Know Before Taking a Duolingo’s English Test

What is the Duolingo English Test? Designed for today’s international students and institutions, the Duolingo English Test is a modern language proficiency tool. It offers a writing test, a video interview, and an English proficiency score in a safe, accessible, and secure environment. What Is the Difference between Duolingo English Test and Other English Proficiency Tests? You can take the Duolingo English test anytime, anywhere as long as you have an internet connection, a computer, and a quiet individual room. The cost is just $49US+Tax. You don’t need to go to the place to book and take a test. As

study at cafe

4 Study Spots in Vancouver You Should Check Out

Revolver Coffee Are you tired of studying in your room all day? Want to meet with your friends so you can go over the test material? Meet them at Revolver Coffee, a detail-oriented store and one of the most popular coffee shops in Vancouver. There, you can chat over some good New Zealand or Italian coffee and their tasty baked goods! Most importantly, they offer free WiFi options!  Their Menu Revolver Coffee’s menu is always changing. Here are some of the items they’ve recently served: 6 oz Cortado Pourover  Espresso Hot and iced lattes Coffee cake Cookies Pastries Where is


Burnaby School District Summer Session for Elementary Students

Summertime is just around the corner and no one can deny the fact that it is the most vibrant time of the year as it helps students reconnect with their friends, peers, and teachers.  SD41 Overview The Burnaby School District is the fourth largest in BC. The District operates 41 elementary and eight secondary schools, including a range of district programs and Provincial Resource Programs. Also, the district employs dedicated instructors and staff who are committed to providing students with innovative and high-quality programs to ensure student achievement in areas like Academics  Athletics Trades Training Visual And Performing Arts Social

fall leaves

The Best Places to See Fall Colours in Canada

Stanley Park in British Columbia What better place to be in Vancouver than by the trees and water – at the same time? Stanley Park in Vancouver is a world-renowned park and one of the most beautiful and popular in all of Canada. Attracting close to 8 million visitors every year, the park gets very busy during the fall season as it is one of the best spots to experience fall foliage. Take a walk around the seawall anytime during October or November and you’ll find plenty of photographers, Instagrammers, nature lovers, and Vancouverites soaking up the crisp and picturesque


Living in London, Ontario

Overview of the City The city of London is located in the heart of Southwestern Ontario. It is home to more than 383,000 people who enjoy both the buzzing atmosphere of the lively environment, and the quiet and calming nature that surrounds the area. As the 11th largest city in Canada and one of the most culturally diverse, London is not only a wonderful place to live and work in, but it is very affordable when compared to its neighboring cities such as Toronto or Ottawa. London is especially well-known for its “big city small-town” feel. While you can be

travel canada

What You Need To Know About Using The ArriveCAN App

Are you thinking of travelling soon? A quick trip down to Seattle or perhaps a further trip located in Asia or Europe? Well, regardless of where you go, you’ll now have to download the ArriveCAN mobile app and fill out your information to come back to Canada. Foreign nationals who are looking to visit Canada, this applies to you too! What is the ArriveCAN app? The ArriveCAN mobile app is designed by the Government of Canada and is used by travellers to submit mandatory travel and health information before landing at any Canadian airport. Initially, downloading the app was only

car sharing

Car Sharing in Vancouver

If you need to get somewhere quick, or if you have too much of a load but don’t have a car, Vancouver has car-sharing services that students take advantage of on a daily basis. Below is a list of car-sharing services that you can sign up for in Vancouver. How Car Sharing Works The first thing you’ll have to do is become a member of the car-sharing service of your choice. You will have to submit your driving record and most likely a photo of a valid driver’s licence.  Worry not if you’re a Class 7 driver (N driver) because

a row of easels along a hallway / fine arts at uvic

High Salary Careers with Fine Arts

In the modern era, the title of “artist” now has a different meaning. While you can still paint and draw for a living, artists have also applied their talents in a more applicable way.

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What you need to do about mandatory random COVID-19 testing in Canada

ArriveCAN will continue to require mandatory travel information, subject to a few exceptions, within 72 hours before arriving in Canada, and/or before boarding a cruise ship destined for Canada, as of August 22, 2022. Also, people must do mandatory random COVID-19 testing when selected. What must you do if you have been selected for mandatory random COVID-19 testing? If you have been selected for mandatory random COVID-19 testing, you might receive an email from the Government of Canada after you passed the custom at the airport. Once you receive this email, you need to follow the steps that they show


Take a look at the part-time program at BCIT

British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) was founded in 1964 and is located in British Columbia. It is not only the largest comprehensive polytechnic in Canada, but is also known for its high employment rate. Different from other universities that focus more on academic and scientific research, BCIT aims to equip their students with practical skills. BCIT has hired experts in many fields, which enrich students with knowledge in a specific skill and also guide them through challenges, such as career planning, academic assistance and achieving goals. Advantages Unlike other universities that hold large classes of 200 students per class,


Learning Tourism Management for a Successful Career in Canada

It is definitely worthwhile to study tourism management in a country like Canada. Tourism is a rich industry in Canada, and studying it will open doors for you not only in Canada but in the rest of the world as well. Where Can Students Learn Tourism Management? Capilano University offers a variety of incredible courses and programs, many students around the world have the option to travel to British Columbia, and have the opportunity to apply to this school, where Capilano offers a variety of courses for international students.  Tourism Management International This is a 2 year long diploma, known


Burnaby School District Summer Session for Secondary Students

These programs help in shaping students’ personality and boosts their confidence. SD41 is currently accepting pre-approvals for the 2022 Summer Session for secondary schools. This summer session is the one-stop-shop for academic enrichment while having fun with creative and engaging courses at the same time. No matter in which grade of secondary school you are, there is something in store for you to look out for!  An Intro to SD41 The Burnaby School District is the fourth largest in BC. They operate 41 elementary and eight secondary schools, including a range of district programs and Provincial Resource Programs. Also, the


Accelerated Tech Pathway in Alberta

Due to continuous technological development in Calgary, Alberta recently launched a new immigration program called the “Accelerated Tech Pathway” to support the city’s further development. The program is designed to attract new immigrants with a strong background and experience in the technology field. The program is hoping to diversify Alberta’s economy and support the tech industry’s development. Eligible applicants could apply for permanent residence within six months. The 2021 Alberta Technology Deal Flow Study states that Alberta is now home to more than 3,000 technology companies, an increase of 233% since 2012, where these companies are continuing to expand and

a nurse showing off her badge hanging from her pocket / nursing at langara

Nursing at Langara

One of the greatest needs of the job market in this era is for people to become nurses. They are essential in hospitals and if they weren’t around, hospitals wouldn’t run smoothly at all. Nursing is a rewarding career that allows you to connect with people and help those in need.


Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day in Canada

Intro Every year, Father’s Day is celebrated by families all around the world who want to plan activities to celebrate fatherhood and the special men in their lives. While kids give their Dads tools, Yeti coolers, and other unique items, mothers and older children pore through Father’s Day quotes, Dad jokes, and messages to put in funny cards. History of Father’s Day Did you know that the celebration of Father’s Day started after Mother’s Day? The history of Mother’s Day goes back to the 1860s, and the declaration of Mother’s Day as a national holiday in 1914 eventually paved the

June 15, 2020 - Various scenes around campus (photo by Daria Perevezentsev)

International Summer Academy at UofT

The University of Toronto works hard to provide its international students academic support, includes special courses at the International Summer Academy.