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[BC] Theatre Under the Stars Summer 2019 Shows!

Watch both the stars and these 2 plays this summer!

Theatre Under the Stars has been a Vancouver tradition for many years now. This non-profit amateur and professional acting group has been performing in Stanley Park during the summer since the year 1940. Each summer, they bring a new show to the stage and delight local residents and tourists alike. This year, the theatre under the stars summer shows are Mamma Mia and Disney’s Newsies! These shows will be running from July 5th all the way through to August 17th!

Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia is one of the best feel-good and fun plays. The story takes place on a stunning Greek island, where the main character Sophie is just days away from her wedding. But, one thing is missing, her father! So, she takes action into her own hands and invites three possible men who could be her dad to the wedding. This causes all sorts of problems for her mother, Donna. Donna finds them all eventually and is taken back to her youth. Leading up to the wedding, everything seems to be confusing. But, it’s nothing a little song and dance can’t fix.

The play also features ABBA’s music throughout. From songs such as dancing queen, to Take a Chance on Me, all the actors and actresses are sure to put on stellar performances to these famous hits.

You don’t need to be a “dancing queen, young and sweet, only 17” to enjoy this show! It’s a great option for families and people of all ages.

Disney’s Newsies

This famous Broadway musical is coming to Stanley Park! The musical’s setting is New York City, at the twist of the century. The main character Jack Kelly is the leader of his orphan group of teenage friends, the ‘Newsies.’ Also, Jack and some of his friends happen to be linked to the local papers, so when the owners decide to up their distribution prices, Jack and his friends decide to take action.

The play is full of dance and song and has an important message for all of us. Seize the moment and fight for what you believe in!

The show is a classic, and Theatre Under the Stars is sure to provide its own twists to make it a new and exciting performance! So, don’t miss it!

The Theatre Under the Stars productions is a summer highlight here in Vancouver. The entire production and acting team bring all their talents to put on some of the most spectacular shows Vancouver has to offer! So, be sure to plan a visit to Stanley Park this summer, and end your evening with a performance full of dance and song.

The Theatre Under the Stars organization is also a great resource for up and coming actors and actresses, so be sure to check out their website, TUTS,  to find out how you can get involved.

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