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Columbia Academy is an international private high school located in downtown Vancouver. It can be easily accessed by convenient public transportation, with about a 3-minutes walk to the Skytrain station.

The school offers courses for grades 8 to 12, aiming to equip students to enter world-class institutions, with passionate professors, advanced equipment, and a small-class teaching approach. The school believes that education is about discovering the talent and strength of each student, encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone, and giving back to the community.

The school is a strong believer in the following qualities

  • Good at communication: To communicate with others, you must open your heart and sincerely accept suggestions and advice
  • Compassion and kindness: respect, care, and do our best to help others
  • Take responsibility: Have a sense of responsibility in work and life; also have a sense of responsibility to yourself, others and society
  • Happiness and happiness: happiness is a habit. Maintain positive energy and a positive attitude to bring happiness to the people around you
  • Comprehensive development: Become a talent with development of morality, intelligence, and physical fitness
  • Compressive resilience: Become a person with high EQ, know how to deal with stress and frustration, and always maintain a passion and positive energy for life

Why Should You Choose to Study atColumbia Academy?

  • Small-class teaching approach with the average of sixteen students in each class
  • The school has set up a variety of scholarships, about 50 chances of winning each year, hoping to reward students with outstanding performance in volunteer work and academics
  • High-Quality Volunteer Opportunities. For example: Vancouver Christmas Parade, Vancouver Children’s Day and other large-scale events
  • The school has organized and guided students to participate in Canada’s top mathematics competitions
  • Extracurricular Activities – Summer Cruise, Whistler Ski, Christmas Party, New Year Party, Talent Show, Halloween Party, etc
  • Club Activities-Music – Yoga, Debate, Volunteer, Basketball, Art, Cooking, Meditation, Tennis, Dance, Photography, etc
  • Embracing community – 30% Canadian local students and 70% international students
  • Individually customized guidance for further studies-the school provides customized guidance services for college admissions to help students enter their dream school
  • The school attaches great importance to the spiritual growth of students, and specializes in positive psychology courses from Harvard University
  • ESL(English as a Second Language) – The school offers English preparation courses to help students integrate into the local study and life
  • Free tuition-teachers in each subject provide after school


  • The transportation is convenient and it only takes 3 minutes to walk to the Skytrain station
  • The counselors can speak 10 languages: French, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Russian, Polish
  • The interior design of the school is stylish and comfortable. The have chosen the most advanced SmartBoard teaching (advanced teaching equipment only available in the few local schools)
  • All teachers in the school have a BC teacher license. They are passionate and caring about whether international students have adapted to the new environment
  • The school has implemented a twi-semester curriculum. School starts in in January, May, and September each year. It allows students to take credit courses while studying ESL. Ensuring that students complete high school courses on time within two to three years
  • The student counselors will regularly report on the student’s learning progress and attendance rate to their parents or guardians
  • Students will be able to learn to communicate, collaborate with each other, adapt to the environment, and become honest, grateful, and responsible, in their community
  • School provides guardian arrangements, medical insurance, and homestay services for students

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